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by admin on March 29, 2012

As far as land based casinos are concerned, baccarat is extremely popular. Remember all the James Bond movies? There was always plenty of action related to this game. Although you may have fallen in love with casino baccarat, don’t overlook the popularity of playing online.

Most software companies that power online casino games have at least one baccarat variation that it offers players. We are going to take a closer look at some of the big boys in this industry, including some basic information on what you can expect as you get started.

Cryptologic Baccarat

This company is well known for its Mini Baccarat. Budget minded players love this game because of its $2 minimum wager. Along with a nice starting bet, there are other features that will catch your eyes such as the ”Scorecard” which keeps track of game history.

Note: Cryptologic also has a multiplayer variation that can be just as exciting to play.

Vegas Technology Baccarat

A bit more expensive than Cryptologic, but baccarat from Vegas Technology is no slouch The $5 minimum wager brings some of the higher end online players to casinos powered by this software. The main benefit of playing baccarat at a Vegas Tech casino is that you can turn off animation, allowing you to move more quickly through the hand. By increasing game speed you may be able to better enjoy your experience.

Rival Gaming Baccarat

Are you a bit of a high roller? If so, you should head to a Rival Gaming casino. Their baccarat variation has a minimum wager of $10. This is among the highest online and goes a long way in weeding out new players and those who are just looking for a little bit of action.

Although there are many benefits of Rival Gaming baccarat, the main drawback is the lack of game history information.

Microgaming Baccarat

As opposed to Rival Gaming and its high roller variant, with Microgaming you can play baccarat for as little as a $1 minimum wager. This is perfect for players on a budget and those who are just learning to play online.

But guess what? This company has a second variation of baccarat with a minimum wager of $10. As you can see, they have covered their bases from high to low. Where do you fit in?

The software provided by these four companies power many of the most popular online casinos. All of them offer at least one type of baccarat game. The question remains: which baccarat software is best for you?

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