There is one casino card game that stands out in the crowd: blackjack. Sure, poker is always going to be popular but this table game is truly one of the best. When you think about table games in a big gambling city, such as Las Vegas, this one probably comes to mind.

Casino blackjack is popular but the online version of this game is quickly catching up. This is particularly true with the recent popularity spike of virtual blackjack. With this version of the game, you are playing online but given the appearance that you are sitting at a real table at a casino.

Casino Blackjack Advice

Most casinos that offer table games have a strong focus on blackjack. To get started, find a table with a limit that you can afford. If you are just learning or playing in person for the first time, don’t be afraid to take it slow. There is no reason to get ahead of yourself.

Depending on the casino that you visit, there are many types of blackjack offered:

  • Single and double deck games
  • Continuous shufflers
  • Traditional shoe games

No matter what type of blackjack you are playing, your goal remains the same: draw as close to 21 as possible without “busting” or going over. If you beat the dealer you are a winner.

Should I Play Online Blackjack?

As noted above, virtual online blackjack games are becoming popular. This allows you to play as you would in a casino, seeing the exact same things – including the dealer’s hand. The only difference is that you are now competing through your computer.

The main benefit of playing blackjack online is the ability to do so from home. You don’t have to find a casino, fight the crowd, and hope to locate a table that is available and affordable.

Free Online Blackjack

Another huge draw of online blackjack is the ability to play for free. As the name suggests, when you get involved with free online blackjack you are not expected to wager any of your own money. The two benefits of free game play include: the ability to have fun without risking your own money, and the chance to concentrate on the game while not worrying about winning or losing (this makes for great practice)

It does not take much to learn how to play blackjack, online or at a casino. Once you know the basic rules, there is nothing stopping you. Are you ready to “get 21” and enjoy the money that comes along with it?