Keno is similar to a bingo or lottery game, available at land based and online casinos. This game is also offered by some state lotteries.

Keno may never be one of the most popular casino games, but over the years it has carved out a niche. For this reason, it is now offered at many of the most well known casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are visiting Vegas and want to play Keno, check out the following establishments:

  • Bellagio
  • Caesars Palace
  • Excalibur
  • Harrah’s
  • MGM Grand

During a regular game of live keno, a circular glass enclosure contains 80 balls – each of which has a number on it. After 20 balls have been recorded, a computer system calculates the wagers made and determines the winners.

Keno Payouts and Odds

A keno payout is based on how many numbers a player selects as well as how many winning numbers are matched. This is then multiplied by a proportion of the original wager to the base rate of the casino’s paytable.

Generally speaking, the more numbers you select and the more numbers that hit the greater the payout. However, there are paytables that pay for hitting fewer numbers. Some casinos will payout up to $1,000 for matching 0 of 20 numbers on a $5 wager.

What is the odd of matching all 20 numbers? Just like the lottery, your odds are not very good. The probability is somewhere in the 1 in 3.5 quintillion range.

Despite the fact that choosing all 20 numbers correctly is next to impossible, you can still win good money with this casino game.  Below is a keno odds chart.

Should I Play Keno Online?

If you are interested in playing keno and don’t have the ability to do so regularly at a local casino, you can find an online version of this game.

Online keno is played using the same rules. Additionally, the payouts are typically similar to what you would find at a traditional casino.

The primary benefit of online keno is that you can play for free if you are not interested in wagering real money. This allows for all the fun with none of the risk.

For players who enjoy luck-based games, keno is an excellent choice.