The Best Vegas Casinos for Roulette Players

by admin on March 26, 2012

No matter if you live in Las Vegas and head to the casinos often or are visiting Sin City from far away, it is safe to say that you are ready for some action. The type of action depends on who you are, how much money you are willing to wager, and which games you fee most comfortable playing.

Although roulette is often times overlooked for slot machines, poker, and blackjack, this is actually one of the most exciting games that any casino has to offer. This is particularly true in Vegas where you will find multiple establishments with many tables – from low minimum to those for high rollers.

Top Las Vegas Roulette Casinos

Most players stick to the casinos that they consider to be their favorite. Maybe you won at a particular roulette table in the past. Maybe you are comfortable with the minimum bet at a casino. It does not matter why you choose a favorite as long as you are comfortable and confident when the wheel begins to spin.

For those who don’t know the first thing about playing roulette in Las Vegas, here are five casinos that you definitely want to visit:

  • The Mirage
  • Caesars Palace
  • MGM Grand
  • The Venetian
  • Mandalay Bay

The Mirage, for example, offers the perfect blend of roulette tables. No matter if you are interested in wagering a lot or a little, there is a game there for you. On top of this, it is well known for offering both single zero and double zero wheels.

Of course, where you play is not as important as knowing the rules, sticking with your budget, and putting your personal strategy to good use.

Almost every casino in Las Vegas, Nevada has at least a couple of roulette tables. That being said, if you want the best selection and action you should start at one of the establishments listed above.

Note: if you are looking to play poker in Vegas, check out our information on the top Las Vegas poker rooms.

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