Battleship Slots

by admin on April 9, 2012

Mikohn Gaming is responsible for the fun behind Battleship slots. Much like other board game slot machines, such as Yahtzee, this game is based on an old-time favorite. This alone is reason enough to sit down and play.

In addition to offering a big jackpot, Battleship slot machines will always keep you on your toes – unless you want to get sunk, of course.

There are two variations of this game : Battleship All Aboard and Battleship Winning Encounter.

Both of these games are similar to the board game, only in slot machine format.

Playing Battleship Slot Machines

This machine may be based on the popular board game, but it is played a bit differently. As you get started, 5 reels and 25 paylines are going to pop onto the screen. If you are in budget mode, you can get started with this game for as little as $.02 per spin. Of course, the maximum bet is much higher at $5.

Bonus Games for More Fun and Money

If you are playing All Aboard Battleship slots the “Sink the Fleet” bonus game is one that you want to watch out for. Every time you hit a ship – much like the board game – you are given 10 credits. If you have the skill to sink all five ships during the same bonus round, you are awarded with 2,500 credits in your account.

A skilled based bonus round, multiple betting options, and plenty of ways to win are just a few of the reasons why you should give Battleship slots a bit of your time. If nothing else, this game will bring back memories of your childhood. For many years, Battleship has been a favorite among children and adults all over the world. Now, you can play this great game at many casinos.

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