Bermuda Triangle Slots

by admin on April 9, 2012

Nobody wants to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle, unless you are playing Bermuda Triangle slots from Playtech. This game has all the mystery you would expect, with the chance to win a lot of money. To go along with this, it is simple to understand no matter how much experience you have.

As you begin to play Bermuda Triangle slot machines the simplicity will set in soon enough. There are only five paylines and three reels – this is just about as simple as they come. This gives you the chance to play without thinking too much.

How to Play Bermuda Triangle Slot Machines

Although you may fall in love with the theme, you will really like the fact that you can wager anywhere from $.05 to $5. This makes it a good choice no matter what type of budget you are dealing with.

If you wager the maximum number of coins you are able to win the jackpot of 1,000 coins. This may not be the largest jackpot around but it is more than enough to keep you  playing this game for an extended period of time.

Tip: the smaller jackpot means that players “hit it” much more often.

It does not take a genius to see why so many people are playing Bermuda Triangle slots online. From multiple denomination betting to a theme that is quite exciting, you are going to be focused on winning the jackpot.

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