NFL and College Football Betting Tips

by admin on March 26, 2012

Are you interested in betting on NFL or college football? In the United States, both games are very popular. Of course, people all over the world enjoy betting on American football.

Although most wagers are straight forward and easy to understand, it does not mean you should jump the gun and begin to throw your money around. It is essential that you take things slow, making sure that you know exactly what you are doing before you place your first bet.

Note: if you live in the United States, you are only able to legally bet on sports in the state of Nevada. In other parts of the world, online sports betting is extremely popular.

Point Spread

Many people think that the point spread has something to do with a prediction for the upcoming game. However, this is not true. This is actually the line that handicapper’s predict will be required in order to split the wager evenly on the two competing teams. This is why the line can and almost always changes from its open to its final position before game time.

When you bet on football with the point spread in your favor, you can win even if your team does not come out on top. You just need to make sure you cover the spread. For example, if you bet on the Dallas Cowboys who are a seven point underdog and they only lose by one you are a winner.


When you make a straight bet you are placing your money on a single outcome, generally the winner. You are picking one team to win the game, straight up.


One of the more popular football wagers is over or under. This is based on the total score when the game comes to an end. To find out if you are a winner, all you need to do is add the score of both teams. When you make an “under” bet you are betting that the final score will be less than the total. When you bet “over” you are betting that the score will be higher than the total.

For example, the final score of a game is: Dallas Cowboys 28 and Pittsburgh Steelers 24. This equals a total combined score of 52. If you bet over and the score was more than 52 you are a winner. If you bet under and the score was less than 52 you are a winner. If the score was exactly 52 it is a push.


Although this is more complex than the types of football bets detailed above, if luck is on your side you can win big. With a parlay bet, you are linking together the outcome of several football games. This could include a series of bets on a particular team, multiple over/under wagers, or a combination of many types. To become a winner, every bet within the larger group must win.

The larger payout is one of the main reasons why parlay bets are so popular. Generally speaking, a two team parlay will payout 13 to 5. Want to win even more? Opt for a three team parlay that typically pays 6 to 1.

Tip: with a parlay the bet is low and the potential payout is high. Of course, you have to pick more than one winner to come out on top.

When football season rolls around in the United States, NFL and college teams all over the country take to the field. With the right knowledge and some luck, you can make a lot of money through football betting.

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